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Robin Thicke – Lost Without You (Dublin Aunts Daytime Sex Mix)

Australian producers Dublin Aunts offer up this ultra sexy mid-tempo take on Robin Thicke‘s 2006 baby-maker hit Lost Without U.  The remix tag itself is a shameless promotion for those afternoon delights that are infrequent guilty pleasures for some, and weekly routines for (lucky) others.   As if the original track weren’t enticing enough, this version gives a rendezvousing couple every reason to start shaking it vertically before making it horizontally.

When it comes down to it, the track’s sensuousness can be gleaned from the syncopation.  I’m hard pressed to find an instrument in this entire remix that isn’t syncopated, and that’s part of its charm: the sweet, melodic accents fall between the beats to get the audience between the sheets.  This definitely validates Dublin Aunts‘ mission statement on their Soundcloud page: “WE MAKE MUSIC TO DANCE & HAVE THE SEX TO!”  Furthermore, I’ve found that their music is also great for doing the dishes or preparing a nice meal.

Be sure this makes it onto one of those “special” playlists; those playlists reserved for only the most intimate moments, because God knows we’ve all learned the hard way from making love on shuffle.

Robin Thicke – Lost Without You (Dublin Aunts Daytime Sex Mix)

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