The XX – Intro (KO Remix)

This track is so sexy, and there is a crazy energy about it that just resonates through your whole body. The track really speaks for itself to be honest. It has that end of the world anthem, life flashing before your eyes, those blissful minutes right after the most amazing sex you have ever had.

I love what KO aka: Kyle O’Shea does with this track, he doesn’t take away anything from it but just adds the right amount of his own flavor.  Speeding it up, droppin’ some hip-hop flavor, then slowin’ it down, KO’s trap-style production on this track is flawless if you ask me.  His use of synths and some quick rap vocals scarcely thrown in really kicks this track up.  Pretty impressive stuff coming from a young and fresh 20 year old from Baltimore.  Check out more of KO’s music and remix’s at his Soundcloud.

This remix is definitely going to be my anthem for the week but the original always blows me away and this video by this filmaker and photographer Alexander Jorgensen really creates an imaginative view on life with it’s use of symbolisms:

The energy of this track is really great for putting things into perspective, you create your own story without all the vocals telling you one.  For me this takes all the craziness that’s been going on and really lays it out for me to carefully ride with.  Life is definitely a ride whether it’s slow or fast it’s like you are at a theme park jumping from one ride to the other not knowing exactly what you are about to experience, sometimes that’s scary and you want to know everything before it happens but I am really learning day by day that you cannot live life trying to figure out everything before it happens…

Clearly this is a great track to start off the week and lay all your cards out on the table, and seriously just enjoy the ride!

The XX – Intro (KO Remix)