Bicep – Vision of Love

Entering a club now is often a fairly predictable experience–you can expect to hear remixes of top 40 hits blended with Beatport’s top 100. This shift in the club music paradigm reflects the natural progression of House music as it’s infiltrated the mainstream. But it’s a far cry from where it all began. When you talk about House music, the discussion starts with the underworld of Chicago in the 90s, with Green Velvet and Joe Smooth–not Electric Daisy Carnival and Swedish House Mafia.

Likewise, at many festivals and shows in this era, the music often takes a side stage to the name that gets top billing or the firework show. And a lot of people would rather chug beers than you know, dance. This lack of dancing speaks largely to the disconnect between an audience and the music–people too frequently go to clubs to be seen, not to be a part of a scene. Classic House music embodies a sound that is impossible to ignore and necessary to submerge yourself in.

Unfortunately, I’ve never experienced a true, raw rave where only big beat, classic House tracks were played. I have this vision of rebels in torn up jeans rocking out in grimy basements with 100 people and a no name DJ spinning obscure cuts. Everyone is dancing, dripping in sweat, and feeling the beat, all for the love of House.

With “Vision of Love,” Bicep, a duo of 90s House music aficionados/bloggers turned producers, have captured this pure aura–it’s 7 8 minutes in classic, big beat House music heaven.

Bicep – Vision of Love