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Shiny Toy Guns – Fading Listening

It’s been a while since I’ve seen this band’s name come up anywhere on the internet. I remember listening to their first album straight through while snowboarding in upstate New York and performing a pseudo vogue in front of the mirror to the filthy beat of “Le Disko.” But all that was in 2006 – which seems like ages ago. Where has this LA-based band been? Turns out they’ve released a sophomore album and streamed their newest album, III, this past Monday. Apparently the group’s been playing a game of cat-and-mouse with their audience; teasing tracks, cryptic writing, and references to the movie Inception of all things. Looking up Shiny Toy Guns recent activity made me feel like I’ve been living under a rock. Either way, I am thrilled to hear that they’ve stuck around and are releasing new work on a consistant basis.

“Fading Listening” is their second single off their upcoming release. Their sound seems to be less “alt-dance” than We Are Pilots showcased and more bouncy Fleetwood Mac-y. I’m digging everything about this shift in their sound. Carah Charnow’s voice has matured and she seems utterly comfortable in it. The synths are light and peppy while the guitar melody puts the track on cruise control, allowing us to just on through the song. The title says it all, really. You’re listening but you’re also losing a little touch of reality. The sound envelops you; the key boards resonate just right in your ear. I often hear a track and imagine the remixes to come from it, but I can’t seem to hear any from this one. It already sounds like a RAC track and I’m all for it.

Just as I’ve grown into a more mature being (well I hope), Shiny Toy Guns have matured, too. Take this track with you through the night and into the morning and weekend. It’s a lush world that’ll make you forget about the 2006 persona of the band and have you feelin’ the good vibes easing out of their sounds all day.

Shiny Toy Guns – Fading Listening

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