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Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (Louis La Roche Remix)

The 1985 original version of this song is quite popular and anyone that has heard it remembers the emotion that it carries which made it a chart-topper back then. 22 years later Placebo covers the original on their album Sleeping With Ghosts but this time they take it down a notch with their downtempo rendition. The irony of this is that the original song’s first title was A Deal With God and after listening to the Placebo cover a journalist said that it sounded more like A Pact With The Devil because of its characteristics. Suffice to say that the Placebo cover has been featured in more TV shows that I can list here and covered over and over again.

Fast forward almost 10 years after the Placebo version and less than a month ago when a certain french producer released his remix. Up until then this song was all about the lyrics and its meaning. Starting with those echoed synth chords you know that you’re in for a treat. Louis La Roche’s prowess turns the attention to the melody and what can be done to transform the song into a dance floor smooth criminal. He speeds up Kate’s original vocals in sort of Flanger and Wah Wah effect that complement the disco house production. Whether you play this in your living room or in a club you’re sure to get props for this one. Everyone knows the lyrics and no one can escape the infectious beat that the frenchman stamped on it.

Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (Louis La Roche Remix)

By Yaqui

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