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Chris Malinchak — So Good To Me


Somehow Sandy has affected NYC more than 9/11 did.  I won’t say that symbolically we are crushed the way 9/11 did us, but I will say that physically we are drained.

They say that us New Yorkers are tough but I find that it’s not so much that we have to be tough on these mean streets, or that we endure so much that we are toughened by all that happens, it’s simply that the perception becomes the reality, and whether we are ready for what comes our way or not, we are, after all, residents of the greatest city in the world, and with that residency comes the responsibility to get up  with both of our hands up high when we are knocked down and show the world how resilient the human race can truly be.

Tough times don’t last but tough people do” — Fabolous

In times like these, we all need a little pick me up, or just something that feeeeeels good.  Good in a way that just comes off naturally.  No orchestrated telethons, no comedians trying to cheer us up by making us laugh, just something that feels naturally good to us;  kind of the way we feel when we go back home for the holidays—wherever home might be.  Chris Malinchak has managed to do this for us on So Good To Me and we all know it wasn’t to cheer us up from these times we are having right now.  He did so by piecing together a melody of musical elements that breath, sing, dance, and live as one so well, that it has been given a life of its very own.  It’s a life that has been recorded for the purpose of being timeless, and timeless is exactly what it is.

Low key muffled underwater synths that wrap their arms around you and pull you right into a warm snuggle hug make up the essence of this musical life form.  Its actual core is made up the soulful sample Mr. Malinchak inserted into its body as a heart; something very Moby-esqu that gives its pulse peace.  The looped harmonies that keep our brains busy every moment they chime in illustrate a form of sonic emulsion that allows it all to coexist blissfully.

Long story short, Thank You Chris for this lovely gift.

Whatever happens, either you have the strength to bear it or you don’t.  If you have the strength, stop complaining, be grateful, and bear it.  If you lack the strength, there is still no reason to lose patience, for once your strength is consumed, the struggle will end. But remember, you have the power within you to endure anything, for your mere opinion can render it tolerable, perhaps even acceptable, by regarding it as an opportunity for enlightenment or a matter of duty” — The Meditations, Marcus Aurelius

Chris Malinchak — So Good To Me