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Morgan Page & Deadmau5 – Longest Road (Embus E-Remix)

Normally I would post something like this towards the evening but I want it to be something you all put on repeat for the rest of the day resinating through your vains and then hopefully by tonight the permanent feeling that you will have is that the war is over.

Before I get deep I just want to say, Fire!.. This track is Pure Fire, the way the drums break, Morgan Page’s sweet vocals, two major components that catch my attention right away and I was immediately all smiles and moving my body with my eyes shut tight upon hearing this track.  For me this track is like a battle that is at the end of it’s settlement, going separate ways or finally settling on an agreement, sometimes that agreement might just be with yourselves and that’s one way to conquer the battle, shows strength, power and love.  This track definitely takes me into a euphoria of all the different meanings of love be it beautiful or harsh.

If you are so frequently in love
If you prefer it all to me then my love
You go down the longest road to nowhere
You pull it apart and you’re just left there.”

This track is all about energy, you feel it immediately and when Deadmau5 is concerned he is all about creating the sounds that will make you feel energies that you didn’t know you could feel.  These lyrics are powerful as well, sometimes you love so much but you don’t get it back because it’s easy for the other person or people or family to feed off of it and then give it back because love can be really heavy and not everyone wants that load.  Especially because what most people do not realize is that love is the creator of all emotions and feelings..When you feel hate it comes from love, jealousy comes from love, happiness, greed, strength, pride, and so on and so forth, understanding all these emotions is half the battle.

Don’t be scared of all the different feelings and love for that matter, and try not to be in a constant battle with yourself, there is always a way to meet half way or just part ways completely and move on, don’t let anything weaken you, it’s not worth it, the only person in control of your energies and feelings is you.

I think this track will let you float peacefully into an amazing Saturday night, Enjoy!!

Morgan Page & Deadmau5 – Longest Road (Embus E-Remix)