Slow Magic – On Yr Side

I’ve been listening to this song since August, it kept me company in my walks home from the office. To listen on a good volume made not only the scenery better with a perfect soundtrack, but it also helped me construct these visions and directions of my personal and professional life—this is my business as usual on these walks home. To drift away in these thoughts and mental visualization and planning is important to me, and it’s one of the things I enjoy most about living in this city of Bogotá. This is that kind of music, the type that not only lets you think about other things, but it actually helps you do so; in spite of the vocals which are so perfectly placed throughout the track that they never get in the way of you and your thoughts.

When I listen to musical creations like these, my hope for newbred good music reinstates itself. Slow Magic’s experimental electronic music —just like SBTRKT and alike— is the foundation of a new kind of imaginary pop; the future of electronic music one might think.

After the 1 minute mark it picks up, and the percussions, a single bell that carries the same dose of reverb as the handclaps is some of the melodically addictive part of this one. Since the beginning of time there’s been music for everything in life. This type of music is for those times that are a bit more special. Get this song and keep it  at all times. Trust me, it’ll come in handy.

Slow Magic – On Yr Side

By Yaqui

International Business Development Director for GCS Systems, Ltd. (@tPago) | Technology, Social Media and Music Maverick. Actually, I have an absurd fascination with music -- this is the product of it.