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Chrome Sparks feat. Steffaloo – All There Is

No offense, Michigan, but you’re not the first place that comes to mind when I think of innovative electronica. But what do I know? Jeremy Malvin, the wizard behind the Chrome Sparks curtain, has been crafting beats out of Ann Arbor while also playing drums for Stepdad. The trained percussionist released My <3 back in 2011. The 7-track album journeys through synths and samples, highlighting mood-altering beats. The entirety of the album is fluid and reflective, and overall, is as much an exploration of sound as it is of self.

waiting for a sign
my eyes close
looking to recall
when i was a child
is this all there is
is this all there is to life?”
Steffaloo provides what I’ve coined the “vox aetherius” on All There Is. Her mostly acoustic solo work emphasizes the delicacy of her vocals, but when paired with the nu-gaze synths and beats, she takes on a whole new vibe. Her gentle melodies swerve in and out of Chrome Sparks’ musical structure. It’s so easy to get lost in it, so easy to ask the big questions. Take some time, and let yourself go there.

Chrome Sparks feat. Steffaloo – All There Is

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