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Ultraista – RLM Gold Dayz (Maribou State Remix)

There are so many places a song can take you to, and yet, there are only so many places that you can physically go. I’m talking about getting warped into another reality that doesn’t feel like your own, and suddenly having to live in it. Suddenly, your flexibility to move in and out of said reality is hindered. You’re stuck, forced to deal with every new day and you take it in confusion as the life you thought you built around you, no longer exists. It crashed somewhere last week in the whirlwind of your mind’s busy eye. It’s feeling up with the sense that you have no idea where your energy and emotions are, although you very well may know where your body is in space and time, your head is somewhere else.

Might this be an exaggerated description of how I felt after listening to this song for the first time? No. A work of unmistakable and haunting art, there’s a strange sense that we’re waking up from a coma that kept us from experiencing the apocalypse. Mystery bodies are hidden somewhere in the strange depths of a now, unknown and unfamiliar New York City. You realize that that which makes it your city are the masses of strangers, the fact that you can feel alone and communal all at once — is gone. Nothing is the same as you begin to piece together your new… existence. It’s no longer a life if no one can experience it with you. But you are confused and nervous. And that’s when the beat picks up in this song, when female vocals are chopped and screwed into a repetition. That’s the confused and nervous part. The minor tone with the instrumentals and background baby-esque sounds, the clapping, the bass (you start hearing a little bit of Flying Lotus in the beat pick-ups), the distant and somewhat muted vocals that overlap in the background of what you might call, the chorus.

This song has no formula. It’s perfect and unique in all too many ways, and because of that, feeling post-apocalyptic is the only thing that I could compare it to. I’ve never been in a true post-apocalyptic situation, but I’ve had enough strange experiences in my life that are comprable to such. I can acknowledge when that emotion is being channeled.

Here’s to a golden, unfamiliar and new Wednesday.

Ultraista – RLM Gold Dayz (Maribou State Remix)