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El Perro Del Mar — Love In Vain

Listening to Beres Hammond‘s “One Love, One Life” album earlier this week, I was already in full reggae chilled out mode to begin with today.  I’ve been rocking to it every day since my good music swapping friend put me on to it Tuesday.  So, when I hit the play button this morning and got some more swaggy reggae sounds out of my laptop, I instantly fell in love with El Perro Del Mar‘s “Love In Vain”.

The soundscape provided is that of a full tropical reggae band sung over its sounds by a very Lykke Li like voice that I’m hoping becomes more and more popular in the upcoming year.  I’d love to catch her at a show or on a tour in a city near me to hear how her angelic vocals transfer live.  There’s not much more to it here other than how the music to her album and her name came to be is truly reflected in this tune:

According to Assbring, the name El Perro del Mar came to her during an ill-fated vacation in Spain; she was alone, depressed, and out of sorts when a stray dog came up to her while she sat on the beach, and the dog’s efforts to bond with her inspired her to express her feelings through songwriting.”

El Perro Del Mar — Love In Vain

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