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The XX – VCR (Four Tet Remix)


There are a lot of things always happening for everyone at any given moment, so it may come as no surprise to all of you when I say that there’s a lot happening in my life right now. Would it make you feel better if I said that this song was taking up a majority of my attention? Because nine minutes of glory and build are all too hard to forget, and when the layers build like they do here, you simply have to indulge and let go for an uninhibited amount of time. That’s the nature of Four Tet in general, I think. It gives me great joy to know that I’ve really fallen into this warped hole of an entirely new genre of electronic music, something I’ve always appreciated but not to the level I’m at right now. I think it has something to do with craving a sound that represents the emergence of newness to our generation and time. That is to say, each era has its sound — whether it’s rock ‘n’ roll, punk, hip-hop, ’90s hip-hop (very different), etc. and I’d like to think that the sound that I’m really proud to say has emerged from a gifted group of musicians and electronic/tech geeks (in the sweetest, most positive way possible), is something along the lines of this song.

Vocal layering, building sounds, synths, machine produced drums, spacey futuristic tribal sounds…these musicians have a lot to take credit for, and they deserve our thanks.

I’m writing this post from the safety of my warm bed and apartment because as I’ve been warned, it’s sub-30 degrees in NYC today and that is just not going to fly with me for the time being. Regardless, when I go outside, this will be the song I listen to in order to remain grounded and composed. I urge you to do the same.

The XX – VCR (Four Tet Remix)

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