L’Equipe du Son – Slow Notion

L’Equipe du Son is a dutch outfit that I recently discovered. They’ve been putting out stuff under that monicker for 3 years now. The Slow Notion EP was just released some days ago. And it was only after further exploration of their material that I stumbled upon Lesson 1. Which I couldn’t possibly afford to not include here. Slow Notion comes from the forthcoming album The Odyssey Project with remixes from Martin Dubka, DJ Rocca and The Beat Broker. The big shiner from that EP is Martin Dubka’s Nu Disco remix, as it was featured on Aeroplane’s latest not-so-monthly mixtape. It’s good, but in my opinion it doesn’t come close to the original.

One of my favourite contemporary singers is Louie Austenhis album Iguana is nothing short of exceptional (imho). If you don’t know who he is, I’ll describe him to you like I do to my friends: Imagine if Frank Sinatra were alive and he sang electronic music. He is hands down the world’s only “electro crooner”. Point is, the main vocal in this song reminds me of Louie Austen with every note he belches and croons. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I’m head over heels over L’Equipe du Son.

This song is the perfect soundtrack for airplane travel or taking the highway at night. Right from the start with that airplane-passsing-by sound and the first verses from that characteristic vocal you know you’re in for a treat. It has a lot of the 80’s sound on it but also some 90’s too. If you listen to the vocal track separate from the music one, by themselves they are nothing out of this world. Good, but not out of this world. It’s only when you hear them together that magic happens. And that uniqueness to it shines through.

Sometimes it’s really hard to do this, but if I had to pick this week’s favourite track of mine, it would be this one. If you’ve always wanted to start learning french, Lesson 1 is the first thing you need to listen.

By the way, Louie has a new album that came out just a week ago called What A Comeback!.

L’Equipe du Son – Slow Notion

L’Equipe du Son – Lesson 1

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