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Hudson Mohawke- Ooops! (Oh My) (Tweet Oops Re-Edit)


It’s Saturday, December 15th. In ten days Christmas will have arrived and the food comas will have set in. In six days the world is supposed to end. In a couple of hours I will be done with work for the year and can relax and let loose a little before we obliterate into nothing (maybe…who knows?). So as I sit in a silent library on the edge of completion with my larger than necessary headphones on I’m looking around at the sea of twentysomething faces buried in their notes and laptops and all I’m doing is twerkin’ up a storm in my head to this track.

Way back in January 2002, Tweet released her single “Oops (Oh My)” and I’m a little shocked I was listening to it at the ripe ole pre-teen age I was at and making music videos to it. I blame this track for who I am today (and the tiny dances I’m trying to secretly execute in this library chair).

Oops! There goes my shirt up ova my head.
Oh my.
Oops! There goes my skirt droppin’ to my feet.
Oh my.”

The chorus is hip-hop/r&b opulence. I don’t know really because I’ve never been to a strip club but I bet this track became a pole dancing hit for both pros and sorority girls alike (and I’m talking about the original here). Enter Scotland’s Hudson Mohawke territory and we’ve got ourselves a track made for unadulterated debauchery. Mohawke brings a wobbling synth and subtle syncopated boom-boom-clap to the track that intensifies when Tweet goes into the chorus. If I had any hair to flip, I’d flip it left and right to the kick-drums in the chorus. Mohawke’s production is relatively simple and that’s what makes this track so sultry. Sexy lyrics and a few synth tweaks and you have yourself a late-night guilty pleasure. The ending really shines when he chops up Missy Elliot’s “uhs” to match the drum pounding. It’s the icing on the already mouth watering cake.

Hudson Mohawke – Ooops! (Oh My) (Tweet Oops Re-Edit)