HEERO – Return My Secret

Secret Option 4

The idea of a powerful, all knowing, all seeing omnipresent force has historically been reserved for the likes of deities, Gods, controlling governments, conspiracy theorist, Orwell books and all your other favorite science fiction perils. These days however, what was once feared and frowned upon is not only willingly accepted but also willingly participated in.

In 1984, Big Brother forced itself everywhere through telescreens. If you haven’t read the book those are these camera-like devices that keep citizens under constant surveillance in order to give the ruling power knowledge of peoples every move, thought and feeling. They’re everywhere and you can’t escape them. These days we check in with Foursquare when we get a sandwich, tweet our thoughts and feelings, post images of our most intimate moments on Facebook, send emails about everything and willingly carry around palm size devices that make it all possible. In the not so distant future we’ll be wearing glasses (Project Glass) that among many things captures a first person view of everything we do. If this were a sci-fi film it would be the best ever, Orwell couldn’t have thought this one up in a million years. The old saying is that art imitates reality but is it possible for reality to imitate art? Can the concepts we dream up have an affect on the reality we create? That’s another post all together…

Back to the lecture at hand…

I heard HEERO’s Return My Secret and the title immediately got me thinking, are secrets gone? Throughout history cultural advances kill off certain concepts and natural evolution causes the world moves to new paradigms of thought and behavior. Are the concepts of mystery and secrecy outdated and on the brink of extinction? There’s a desperation and powerful melancholy in this track that suggest they are. To me that’s a good thing, much wrong has come from the shadows and in my mind secrecy is nothing but a form of insecurity that allows people to hide from the liberating truth. But I don’t think those are the type of secrets HEERO is referring to. I think Return My Secrets is about the freedom of thought. Think about it, if you write an email Googles algorithms, right or wrong, are trying to translate that into selling you something, if you watch a movie on Netflix it’s suggestion engines are analyzing your taste, Pandora thinks it knows the next song you want to hear etc. For the record, these programs aren’t getting worse at these task. So it seems the secret HEERO longs to regain isn’t your basic insecurity but rather his own being which in these times is being analyzed and surveilled at every waking moment.

We’ve only heard two tracks from these guys but there seems to be a rebellious undertone to the music. The type of vibe that makes you think and want to cause havoc at the same time, my kind of music, enjoy.