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Big Boi feat. A$AP Rocky & Phantogram — Lines

Laws change constantly.  What’s legal in one state is illegal in another, yet our states are supposed to be “United” no?

A man, fresh out of prison, could have served 30+ years for a crime that just a few years before he was done with his sentence was no longer a crime.  What’s the point here?  The point here is that society dictates how most of you choose to live your lives.  It dictates where you are headed in the grand scheme of it all.  It affects the paths you decide on because at the end of the day you need to stay within certain Lines to be able to get to the end of those roads, or the tops of those mountains you think you desire… ‘Think’ being the key word.

In order to achieve your goals, or the goals set out for you, one must follow the rules—right?  But what happens when the rules keep changing on you?  Do you just adjust and continue on that road, blindly, in order to get the prize like a rat in a maze chasing cheese?  Most of you out there have, will, and still do.

Lines is about this world of ours that we live in, which not only constantly continues to change, but is a world that contains a society  which lives constantly in “figuring it out” mode.  “Figuring it out” mode means that no one knows any better.  It means that the people before us that created the laws we are governed by where no smarter, no wiser, no better, no holier, and definitely no less idealistic than us.  It means that trial-by-error is how humanity has always lived, and how it will always continue to live.  It’s a beautiful conundrum.  Beautiful because the common denominator within all of it is that we should all simply live our lives the way we want to live them.  It’s how we are meant to be.  A mind cannot truly be freed if it cannot do what it wants with its own body.

Cause man gave us laws, and God gave us time, 
It’s the art of storytelling and I’m only telling mine.” — A$AP Rocky, LINES

Lines is about not going where society dictates but about following what’s inside of you naturally, and where you want to go.  Never conform to society’s standards because “society” is in constant chaos, changing expectations at the drop of a dime.  Don’t get lost in those expectations, stay true to yourself, and live your own life in order to satisfy just yourself.  It is in those moments, when you are living for yourself, that no matter whether you win or lose at something, you will find happiness within either.  Wins are fun, losses are lessons.

The lines we’ve crossed, the lines we crossed

Have always been why I’ve lost
It changes all the time
Cause I’ve wondered how (I’ve wondered how)
I’m happier when I lose what I’ve needed all my life.
Big Boi feat. A$AP Rocky & Phantogram — Lines