Henry Krinkle – Stay

The air is cold outside. But not so much that you can’t handle it. It’s that temperature where you’re borderline wondering if it’s too cold to go inside or use it as a complement to the enjoyment of this song — one that goes perfect with this weather. It’s haunting, it’s daunting, but at the same time it’s inviting, and kinda catchy, and it surrounds you with its mystique.

The spacial crackling that introduces this track is the beginning of a journey we could call deep pop. I refuse to categorize this one as the usual deep house track. The song is by no means new, it came out in late June on the first ever Future Grooves Compilation as a free download. Apparently Henry is from South Florida but lives in Shanghai. That and the one liner biography on his Facebook page that reads “I know I’m a G — I make music, I cook and I always please my woman — winner.” Aside from that, there’s not much I know about Mr. Krinkle. Well, he also says that he “makes sexy music for sexy people”. In this, I concur.

Henry Krinkle – Stay

By Yaqui

International Business Development Director for GCS Systems, Ltd. (@tPago) | Technology, Social Media and Music Maverick. Actually, I have an absurd fascination with music -- this is the product of it.