Toro y Moi – So Many Details

You steer my life
Into somewhere I can’t describe
So many details.”

While I sat in the depths of a Korean basement restaurant on St. Marks last night, I realized something right before my food was served to me: I was eternally glad that everyday wasn’t an existential day. But in a way, I think I understood that every day is momentous and completely unique, even if you’re not having massive scale life realizations all the time. Those large realizations take working to, and the patience for those lessons is what I guess I acknowledged last night at the restaurant. Among other ideas about life, many having to do with acceptance of fate and career path. In accepting these things, I had a small existential moment I suppose which made the whole thing all the more hilarious and ironic.

I bring it up because this song is that moment for some people. It’s that time that you realize that you and the love of your life are not together. It’s when you begin to understand that someone else controls your actions, not in a bad way, but in an emotional way. And for some people, that is an existential moment. Because you’ve given your one hundred percent, and all you can do is wait to be handed a slice of life.

This song breathes a sort of sultry sass and sex appeal. The cymbal in the background matches up every once in a while with the woo! giving it all the more reason to be filled with energy and passion. The note progression isn’t that vast, staying within a close range, but it never gets boring. A heart is exposed. We look in.

Okay I’ll take you back
Alright, let’s pick up where we started
Don’t think that’s in my head
I’m not a bit cold-hearted.”

I present to you this song on a day like many others, worth living and fighting for. The world is supposed to end tomorrow according to some. I’m living with a graciousness of every breath. I’m thankful for all of you.

Toro Y Moi – So Many Details