The Playlist Generation’s December Minimix

Music bombards us from so many angles through so many different forms of media that it’s become difficult to stop, listen, and absorb an entire song–let alone a full album. The evolution and beauty of streaming music means we have the sonic world at our fingertips. This omnipresent access allows for unheard of listening flexibility. But sometimes, it’s a bit overwhelming.

The one arena that’s vastly changed the way we listen to music over the past few years is, of course, SoundCloud, and in large part due to the comeback of the “Mixtape.” While the cassette tape recently, quietly faded into oblivion, we’re confident that the “Mixtape” will continue to flourish as it stills offers an unparalleled (and often unexpected) continuous listening experience. If you really love music, it’s important to take some time out of your day–whether that’s 5, 10, or 100 minutes–t0 detach yourself from the machine and soak your ears with sound.

At The Playlist Generation, we intake a myriad of songs, artists and genres by the minute. When we can go home, open a book, and throw on our favorite album or a producer’s SoundCloud mix–this is a time we certainly cherish. We realize the value and demand on one’s ears, and when you hear our work in the field, we hope we’re connecting with you and that you’re not rushing onto the next song.  Since we know how precious time is, we condensed the “Mixtape” format into a “Minimix,” combing through our library and unleashing 15 minutes that can allow you to stop and listen.

Click here for the Tracklist.