MNDR – Feed Me Diamonds (RAC Remix)

It’s snowing outside and I haven’t forgotten what I promised you guys this past summer. I save my favorite tracks of the week for Thursdays, and while I am passionately driven by sound, emotionally moved by each track that I write about, Thursdays are a special day in my life. I wish I could explain it better, I’ll try. For some reason, there’s one number in everyone’s life that continues to come up for no reason whatsoever. No matter how hard one tries to escape it, that number just shows up. Whether it’s a lucky number, house number, number of past lovers (when you decide to stop and take count…), it’s constant. And it puts you in place, sometimes, just to let you know that you’re not alone. That there are other forces working around you.

For me, Thursday is that number. It just creeps up on me, drops a dose of reality and either allows me to take a breath and get excited about what I’ve accomplished during the week, or slap me on the back of the head and remind me to get working if I haven’t finished everything I set out to do on Monday. I associate a lot of positivity with Thursday, and I take my weekends very seriously. School certainly sets off my philosophy, but during the summers I like to use the weekends as serious me time. Work is omitted and life living is a first priority. Thursday plays such a key role in helping set that tone.

Enter RAC. I’ve written about them before, but in all honesty, I never tire of praising these lovely lads. Paired with the attention they seem to give to their enthusiastic fan-base, and their knack for funk and imagination, it’s hard not to love what they do as musicians and artists. With this track, MNDR’s voice whirls us through a twisted but classy tale of poetry. RAC’s remixing plays with the poetry perfectly, bouncing along each verse with enthusiasm and passion.

A look, a glance, a gesture
Can mean everything and nothing
A sediment adrift in crystal blackness
I won’t pursue, I want you, but I can’t stop
I’ll let the world make it’s decision
No matter the consequences
What’s the good in being good?”

What is the good in being good? Perhaps this is a question for another day. Maybe it’s a question that will linger in the dark spaces of your mind through the end of 2012, into 2013. And as you allow it to linger, perhaps you will casually place this song on a New Years Eve playlist, since you’ve been put in charge of that task. And when it comes on while you’re with all your loved ones (because yes, some believe that it’s cool maybe to go to some swanky underground club that directs you towards a massive scale adventure in the city on the night that lasts longer than most of your days, the reality is that you’ll probably ring it in nice and debatably classy with your favorite people at someone’s apartment or house), you’ll look around and notice head bobs and body movement. Hopefully it’s that time of the night where everyone’s in that kind of mood. And you will be cool, pretending that this song isn’t your jam, that your heart sings for it just as much as everything else on that playlist…

But I’ll know the truth. Think of me when that happens.

Happy Thursday!

MNDR – Feed Me Diamonds (RAC Remix)