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EMPT Presents Indaba Music Weekly: Harry & Lloyd – The Cure/ Blindness (Mike Harrison Remix)

Mike Harrison

Mike Harrison, who along with Timothy Walsh makes up Harry & Lloyd, is a prolific pop composer whose music gets better with each track he creates. This week we wanted to feature one of the duo’s latest and greatest greatest tracks, “The Cure”.

With punchy drums, hooky synth lines, and vocals that match up with the iconic voices of the 1980’s, you’ll have this tune stuck in your head all day. Think Empire of the Sun meets Phil Collins.

We also wanted to feature one of Mike’s best Indaba Music remixes, his take on Metric’s “Blindness”

This remix really showcases te breadth of Mike’s production knowledge. The balance between the softly mixed stereo ambiance, the distorted bass synth, and the driving 4-on-the-floor kick creates an atmosphere that really transforms the original. Smart arrangements in electronic music are few and far between, but the pace of this remix is masterful.

Harry & Lloyd – The Cure

Blindness (Mike Harrison Remix)

To license music by Harry & Lloyd, vist their page on Indabasync.

You can purchase Harry & Lloyd’s “Stone in the Water” EP here, and Mike’s solo material, under the moniker DJ Blackheart, here.