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The xx – Sunset (Jamie xx Edit)



I don’t know what it is about The xx but they keep delivering singles and re-edits that I cannot stop listening to. The minimalist style allows for other artists to come in and fool around, but what I appreciate the most about this band is their willingness to play around with their own stuff. One lesson I learned in art school is that no work is ever completely finished. This can be a burden to some (me being one) it is also a freedom. An idea has a beginning point, but its end is infinite. Ideas evolve and grow as they progress. You can reach what feels like the end of a project, but really you’ve reached a point in the idea where you and it need to rest. This idea works sonically as well and The xx certainly aren’t afraid to breathe new life into their already lush tracks.

I always thought it was sad
the way we act like strangers.
After all that we had
we act like we had never met.”

This morning I had a conversation with of my best friends. We went back and forth relishing in the truth they had just discovered. A veil had been lifted on a (now) one-sided relationship and liberated vibes were pulsing. This track is a conversation between two ex-lovers and their perspective on the failed relationship. Oliver Sim and Romy Croft exchange verses with words of regret and a little dash of shame. Croft, it seems, is like my best friend – hoping that something will come about again…that they’ll somehow rekindle the flame. Her perspective, however, sees beyond the blind hope and knows that what’s done is done. Now it’s mere frustration towards the relationship, for who wants to see a person they’ve had history with and feel inadequate?

Jamie xx’s re-vamp of this track spins it into a melodic dance tune. While the story unfolds xx provides a beat that makes it okay to let go and shake it all off. There should be celebration in finding truth, no matter how unfortunate it may be.

The xx – Sunset (Jamie xx Edit)