Fryars – In My Arms


“The road I know is the road I go
And the life I live and the life you know
Give me all of your affection …

I just wanna hold you in my arms
I just wanna hold you in my arms
In my arms.”

Comfort zones seem to be a commonplace item for composers’ inspiration now more than ever. It’s such a big insight that some could claim it could be a psychological archetype. Psycho-babble aside, I know I have been in that situation where I’d rather choose the simplicity of a moment to the complexity of certain situations. When you’re tired of all the BS, when you just want to hold someone in your arms. When you don’t want to read between the lines, you just want to fall prey and stay in that comforting moment of holding each other.

The song starts like your average indie pop tune (catchy chorus included). Towards the second verse  halfway through the song it changes the pace temporarily proportional to the amount of pleading and emotional explanation. That’s until the vocal bridge comes and a stripped down crooning takes over that part of the song. In the end you can feel a twist of R&B influenced elements and patterns. It’s pretty obvious that it concludes the same way it started — begging to be held in one’s arms.

Fryars – In My Arms



By Yaqui

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