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Aretha Franklin – One Step Ahead (Disco Tech Edit)


Admittedly, I do not possess a sizable Aretha Franklin library. I know her big tracks and can diva out with the best of em when the time’s right, but my knowledge of her oeuvre is small. I do have this track in rotation on my iTunes and when I came across this lovely little re-edit by Swedish artist Disco Tech I rejoiced in having more of the Queen in my library. Franklin’s performance here is raw and emotive. She adds inflection to the parts that require it and draws out other words to emphasize the longing and loss, but what remains consistent is how confident she sounds. Heartbreak and sadness are inevitable, but she’s keeping her head up high with her eyes looking forward. It’s a message we all should take a little bite of before the week creeps back in. Disco Tech’s edit keeps us moving with her. It’s a wonderful track to walk to (I’ve been doing it all week and each time it comes on my step gets a little bit lighter).

As our weekend comes to an end, it’s never a bad idea to take it slow with a solid track.

Aretha Franklin – One Step Ahead (Disco Tech Edit)


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