Best Friends – Just Goodbye

The week that just passed has been surreal to say the least. I know that the readers of EMPT are the type that appreciate a reality check every once in a while, and let me just say, nature has served as that reality check. How many times in your life have you found yourself standing at the top of a mountain that overlooks an entire population of people in a land that is totally foreign to you? Those moments are what keep me sane by threatening to push me over the edge. Sometimes you just need the physical existence of something that is much larger than you, much greater than you in the world, to set every perspective back into place. It’s hard to get that feeling from the top of a boasting rooftop in New York City, that overlooks thousands of other building rooftops that look very much the same.

I find this song to be truly appropriate for the mood I’ve been in, because it’s so present. Detached from my computer and the internet world, I’ve made a very bold effort to remain in this present day, here in California. It’s hard, what with everyone around me discussing the future all the time. I’ve found that removing myself from my city, from  my element, and entering another element with no direction in mind, helps force me follow the path that each day creates on its own.

This track feels like a summer backyard party. It’s beautiful and specific to a very sentimental feeling. Although the subject matter of the song is curt and bittersweet, the happy, beachy vibe of the beat coats it beautifully.

Here’s to today! Joie de vivre!

Best Friends – Just Goodbye