Disclosure – White Noise (feat. AlunaGeorge)

The boys of Disclosure take you by the wrist and spin you around right off the bat with their new track. Your body becomes infected with the drum going boom-boom-boom-boom as the synths crescendo over what sounds like a manic ping-pong match. Your head begins to bop until it’s a quick stop-and-go, swing and then release kind of move your shoulders make when the instruments reach maximum level and Aluna Francis’ distinctive girlish raspy vocals coo into your ears. Francis syncopates with the rhythm and your hips begin to swing; the song’s quick-paced bass line has poked its head out teasing you with what’s to come. Then suddenly the beat drops away and disco strings come in as you’re soaring, attempting to collect your senses. With a quick swoosh the whole production sweeps back in with the bass turned way up and Francis’ is belting the track’s chorus of an unrequited lover love affair.

Just noise, white noise
I’m hearin’ static
You’re like an automatic
You just wanna keep me on repeat.”

The pairing of the two It-Brit music acts is opulent. Francis’ vocals capture the yearning and simultaneous frustration that comes with wanting to be wanted, yet only receiving the minimum while the manic production of Disclosure and George Reid embody the internal franticness the combination those two emotions create. This is a track that’ll spin you around and dizzy you out. It’s a sonic trip to say the least. You’re soaring at one point, twirling at another, then tumbling before coasting for a bit again.

I may be going out on a limb when I say this, but this is one of the top tracks I’ve heard coming out of 2013. It’s dance, it’s pop, it’s a little bit of funk, and it’s got a one hell of a soul. I’ve been personally strapping on my headphones, turning out the lights, closing my eyes, and letting this hypnotize me for a couple (or 10) listen throughs. The weekend is juuust about there, until then you’ve got this track to dizzy you up before finishing up your grind.

Disclosure – White Noise (feat. AlunaGeorge)