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Global Deejays – The Sound of San Francisco

I’m currently en route from Los Angeles to New York City as I write this post. Mind and body are in transit. Last night I dreamt that someone I loved died, which isn’t abnormal for me. I tend to see many people I love in my dreams facing death. I’ve come to think that it means that they’ll probably live the longest in real life. This may just be my own attempt to remain sane in the present day, or it may actually be true. Who knows.

I suppose the reality is that I’m about to start my final semester of undergraduate education and I can’t help but feel some sort of sentimentality right now. Last weekend, I was in San Francisco. This weekend, I’ll be soaking in the last days of my final winter break from school. And while I’ll be in New York City, my heart lives in this song. This song was shown to me while en route to San Francisco, in a comical spirit of nostalgia (it is a few years old). I haven’t been able to get the tune out of my head. It’s just fun enough to make you dance, yet happy and live enough to exist in the moment of a new experience. Whether that new experience is driving across the bridge to a foreign island city, or dancing for the first time in the middle of  a party of people you don’t know, this song seems to fit. The sample that divides the track into bits and pieces which flow in and out of one another is sonically, yet harmoniously, different from its counterpart.

While I await to return to the responsibility and realness of my life back in New York City, I feel a spirit of awe and excitement. I wish every moment could be as new and foreign as seeing a place you’ve only heard about in movies and television, for the first time. Alas, this is not the case. So instead, I await the return to my reality with open arms and a clear mind, ready to see the old with a new light, a new perspective.

Here’s to making the old feel new again, and to living in that newness, no matter what.

Global Deejays – The Sound of San Francisco