No Way Josie – Freakness/Album Release


I have something special and brand new for you all today!

Singer/Songwriter, trainer, Soul Cycle master, bike messenger, believe me the list goes on with what this girl Kym Perfetto can do!  Kymnonstop to be exact because that is exactly what she is NON-STOP!  I had the pleasure of meeting Kym almost 2 years ago when I stepped into a Soul Cycle class down in TriBeCa.  I am not going to lie I thought I was maybe going to die at the end of the class as sweat is pouring from every place on my body, but at the same time I wanted to keep jumping around, singing at the top of my lungs, with this crazy energy that just made it all worth the pain.  Yup, that’s the way Kym likes to do it, she has this contagious energy, great taste in music and motivation for days, I guess her nickname fits pretty well, for this tiny, ripped hottie!

So back to why we are all reading this!  Kym and her partner Drew Toews AKA: Fake Money, hailing from Brooklyn and LA have spent the last year putting together their kick-ass album “No Way Josie – Freakness”, took a lot of work and energy but they finally made it happen, takes a lot of drive and energy not to give up but this electronic duo had the passion which is quite obvious when you listen to their music.

No Way Josie is the project of two NYC bike messengers banned from using front
doors. Multi-instrumentalist/producer Andrew Toews (aka DJ Fake Money) & singer/
songwriter Kym Perfetto (KymNonStop) met while racing alleycats and began
collaborating in early 2011. The result? Music you would expect from two hyperactive
kids that prefer to play in traffic: heavy beats, catchy hooks, sassy vocals and plenty of

NYC Bike Messengers, I thought I had heard it all, who knew!!?

On top of Kym and Drew’s album releasing just today, No Way Josie has their album release PARTY tonight in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at Cameo, click here to buy tickets online or you can by them at the door.  They are going on right at 10pm, so make sure you get there a little early to get your drink on and your sexy on.  I am gonna be there for sure so I better see a ton of your crazy faces dancing there with me.


If you love what you hear, which I am sure you will check these crazy kids out on their website and Facebook  (Free download of their song Freakness) and definitely give them a follow in twitter for more info on what they are doing and where else they will be performing if you can’t make it to their Brooklyn release party at Cameo tonight!

Get your asses to Brooklyn tonight and start enjoying your Saturday with these new jams!  Here is your teasers for what’s in store this evening, enjoy!

No Way Josie – Waiting Outside


No Way Josie – Freakness (Fake Money Remix)