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Bruno Mars – Locked Out Of Heaven (Major Lazer Remix)


It was thanks to my girlfriend that I first heard this song’s original version. I knew that it wasn’t worth it purchasing since I was about to listen to it nonstop on the radio and about every person’s iPod at home parties and alike. A week or two ago when I was writing about the Jr Blender Remix of Rihanna’s Where Have You Been –doing pre and post research on the dude– I discovered that only a month ago he mixed this remix with Major Lazer.

If you ask me this sound a lot more like Jr Blender than Major Lazer but I’m glad anyways that it came out. Actually, it didn’t, but it did. This is a tropical slurpee of sorts, with all the reggae elements we love and just the right amount of timbrels to evoque even the most paradisiacal location you can imagine. Percussions galore, this drink is only missing the little paper umbrella to watch while you sip. Sit back and enjoy the weather, it’s about to get warm once you hit play.

Bruno Mars – Locked Out Of Heaven (Major Lazer Remix)

By Yaqui

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