Duke Dumont – Need U (100%)


This 90s House revival that’s been going on for the last two years or so is on point. I’m all into it and people like the brit Adam Dyment (Duke Dumont’s real name), Cyril Hahn and alike are spearheading it. 17-year-old A*M*E is on the vocals of this one and after he gave us The Giver last year he opens 2013 with this gem. I mean, those sensual adlibs that keep looping in this song are so dope —I can’t believe I just used that word. Duke Dumont is riding a wave right now and he shouldn’t lose this momentum. Solid releases,  Annie Mac labeling him one of the future stars of 2013 (to which I agree), you name it. Dude’s on a roll. Enjoy this one to the max. You’ll need it 100% after the first listen, trust me.

Duke Dumont – Need U (100%)

By Yaqui

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