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The Stone Roses — I Wanna Be Adored


This morning I decided to go out and live within the snow that has me trapped in NYC during this Grammy weekend.  When my flight to LA was canceled a few days ago, I can not say that I was the least bit happy or ecstatic about being stuck here because of a blizzard.  Anyhow, this morning I got up, put on all my snowboarding gear  and ventured off into Central Park before going into writing mode.  I put on my headphones, directed my mobile’s browser to this lovely site (EMPT) and hit play as I took pictures, watched tons of kids and adults sledding, and absorbed all of the magical energy in NYC today.  There’s so much of it here sometimes.

As I made my way downtown through the main road that runs through the park, I began noticing something about music.  I noticed that music is the soundtrack to life, and that listening to the same shit over and over, is the exact equivalent of living life in an asylum.

We love to run to the things we know and that we are most comfortable with.  Most of us stick to these things our entire lives, never straying far from our front porches.  The problem with this way of living is that it is really just no way to “live”.

We must live life within our moments otherwise our lives will go on to be wasted on stresses of things not yet to come and the sadness of memories we wish we could once again have.  Yes, we all ‘Wanna Be Adored’ but at what price do most of us already pay?

I don’t have to sell my soul 
He’s already in me”

The Stone Roses are pioneers in the Brit-Rock Madchester movement of the 80’s.  “I Wanna Be Adored” was the atmospheric opener to their self-titled debut.  The song is propelled by Mani’s recognisable bass line which is the first instrument to enter right after the extended introduction of it, followed by two guitars, one of which plays a pentatonic scale riff that reels us right on in.  The bass drum enters at 1:13, and the main portion of the song finally begins at 1:30 leaving us with the kind of Rock feel that ties directly into our emotions, with the feelings of wanting to feel loved and so much more. 

We waste our days away waiting for that person we so desperately want or feel we need by our sides to come to us, that we miss out on all the opportunities for great love affairs that pass us right on by, or, that sometimes even stare us right in our very own faces.  Yes, the ‘heart wants what the heart wants’, but we must be aware that our hearts are not our minds, and that like “us”, they too are: super-resilient.

Live.Love.Now.  If you want to be adored and you’re simply not getting it enough, then go out there and make some new loves.  Make them all count!

The Stone Roses — I Wanna Be Adored