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Walter Murphy – A Fifth of Beethoven (Flight Facilities Edit)

It’s funny because electronic music makers seem to love messing around with this song. I think it’s because of the dynamic that exists between electronic and classical. Both exist as such genres of music that have emerged from their time periods, which raises many similarities. For some, this may be an unreasonable assessment to make, but for others, you’ll understand exactly what I’m saying. I remember the first time I heard A Fifth of Beethoven sampled in an electronic song — it was a Wolfgang Gartner track. At the time, in a joking manner, I drew the conclusion that if Beethoven were alive today to hear what music was doing, it wouldn’t be too far off from what he was achieving in his own time. Now, there are technical differences between the two, seeing as I am a strong appreciator of the classical genre, I feel there will always be more knowledge and technical skill needed in order to accomplish greatness with classical. But in a different way, there is just as much knowledge and technical skill that goes into producing good electronic music. Maybe, electronic music is just more accessible than the prodigious works of Beethoven or Mozart, but it deserves credit all the more.

That being said, enjoy this meeting of the genres on a good set of speakers. Ponder the work of the classics, and the work of the future.

Walter Murphy – A Fifth Of Beethoven (Flight Facilities Edit)