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Chromatics — Ceremony (New Order Cover ft. Ida No)


I love holidays in New York City.  It gives me a chance to breath the true beauty of such an incredible place.  My one and only, first true love, is NYC, so I’m always so excited to have the closest thing to alone time that I can with her.

Ceremony (New Order Cover ft. Ida No) by the Chromatics can go on repeat today for me, as I hop on empty trains, walk through empty streets, and even take normally expensive cabs across town, up and down, all around this concrete island.  There’s no traffic during a holiday Monday.  No pedestrian traffic so the tourists go relatively unnoticed, minimal deliveries and bridge and tunneler traffic so the streets are almost bare and so beautiful that way, and, a calm over a city that goes through so much even when it’s a pretty peaceful place for the most part.

When I was younger and had these Mondays off of school, I’d hop on the train from Brooklyn and run into the city.  Mom never approved, but she was barely aware anyhow.  She worked from early morning to late evening and by the time she got home from work I would most likely be home, so she never asked where I had been as long as I was in by the time that she was.  I think she always knew how much I loved it and that I had been here just from my energy and the ethereal glaze in my eyes, but she knew there was nothing she could have done to keep me away.  Day or night, this city has and will always be breathtaking for me.

There’s nothing that I have ever wanted in life that my beloved New York hasn’t given me.  I always joke that I could die today and I would die a very happy and fulfilled man if I did.  I’ve experienced things that some only dream of and the amount of beauty that I have seen and still see here is unparalleled, uniquely, to most places that I have been to so far in this life.  Sure, there’s a ton of beauty on this planet outside of here, but in the long run, as far as I have seen, they’re all too imperfect in comparison to this town.  Maybe it’s because we New Yorkers define the term “Cultural Omnivores“, or maybe, it’s simply because of all the culture that coexists here.

Ceremony was originally a song written by Joy Division before the lead singer’s, Ian Curtis, suicide back in 1981.  New Order was the name the band took up after that suicide and continued their legacy with.  This Chromatics cover of Ceremony maintains the original ghostliness of the bassline that’s instantly recognizable, driven so melodically by the C major and F major chords, and yet they’ve managed to contribute a gracefully haunting tone via Ida No‘s exquisite guitar ripples and Ruth Radelet‘s deliciously delicate vocals.  It’s a six and a half minute moment of peace and serenity brought to your ears no matter where you may be.

Chromatics — Ceremony (New Order Cover ft. Ida No)