CHVRCHES – Recover

I love this song so much. I won’t say too much about it because I want you guys to feel this in your bones. First try and absorb the lyrics. There’s definitely some space age ethereal vibes going on here, but really internalize these sounds. Then take in the pangs of electro waves that shoot into your ears, in the same way that pangs of light demand your attention. It’s hard to not feel these lyrics in a very real way though.

I’ll give you one more chance say
We can change or part ways
And you take what you need
And you don’t need me.”

This song gets at the pain of recovery. Any sort of recovery from any of life’s troubles. We just want something to hold on to as we spiral down into the hole of darkness and self-realization, but the truth is that we’re perfectly capable of holding our own. The brain is beautiful in so many ways but particularly in the way that it makes you realize this. Some might not see it as beautiful — that usually comes with time and understanding. The comfort is just like anything else, and can be found anywhere else. It’s why we dive head first into self-indulgent activities, hobbies, social lives, etc. And that is the right thing to do. But this song is so spacey. It really embodies this feeling of not wanting to let go but knowing that it’s the best thing to do, for you.

You appear to face the decision I know you fear.”

This song currently plays over the speakers of my apartment while candles offer the only light. It’s that kind of night for the moment. I ask you to indulge for a minute in this song without distraction.

CHVRCHES – Recover