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Beta Love – Ra Ra Riot (RAC Remix)

How rare it is that I find an RAC remix that I don’t like. Upon first listen, thanks to the recommendation of my brother, I was taken by the attention to detail and sound, not to mention the delicate intro that plummets into an adorable bubbly anthem. This has RAC written all over it.

I will find my beta love
When I find my beta love

You will be my beta love
My beta love
Now we’re getting closer.”

I like the idea of robot experimental “beta” love. After all, what is love but an entire experimentation of human emotion? It is never the same from person to person. We’re all familiar with that feeling of new love, how it feels authentic and unique to not only any other experience you’ve had, but any experience anyone else in the world is having at the same exact moment. We have to tell ourselves that, don’t we? Otherwise, it isn’t special. And all love is truly special, particularly in the romantic sense. Perhaps it is this song’s job to remind us that this emotion is about constantly taking risks, holding nothing back. Paired with a cute and catchy beat, it embodies the sonic interpretation of the lovable subject matter.

Love is probably the most common subject you’ll find on EMPT, but that’s only because it’s the most prevalent inspiration for so much of art that we are surrounded by. Writing, music, fine arts, film, etc. all draw inspiration from a beta love in some shape or form. The way Ra Ra Riot annunciates “beta” in this song also makes it sound like they’re saying “better” with a British accent. Just something to think and smile about.

Beta Love – Ra Ra Riot (RAC Remix)