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Foster The People – Houdini (RAC Remix)

What makes Foster The People such a solid band is their unabashed approach to pop-rock. If they want to use a piano, they use a damn piano and slam out the chords. If they want to bring in a horn section and have them blare out notes over synths and their infectious falsettos, they do and it works. In everything you do, confidence is key (so cliche, but ride it out with me). Foster The People’s confidence in their sound is what makes their sound believable. They make it #werk. On top of that, they’re brilliant lyricists spinning youthful tales that aren’t contrived and far from being preachy. I guess it’s all in the name.

“Houdini” dropped early summer 2012. If anyone wants to know what this band is all about, all they have to do is listen to the original track. This track is like the bands resume and cover letter all packaged into a neat contagious three and a half minutes. RAC, however, tones down the poppy elements and chills the sound out over atmospheric chimes, a deep disco bass line, and chopped vocals. The elusive quality of the magician himself is captured in RAC’s remix. “Sometimes I wanna disappear” drops into a soundscape that’s both light and completely grounded. It’s a track that embodies the whole “have your cake and eat it, too” mentality. RAC’s serving us the best of both sounds. It’s ear candy at it’s finest.

Focus on your ability
Gain again what they want to steal.”

I’ve found that the more you begin to feel something good, the more the world tries to bring you down. I don’t think it’s a negative thing; rather, it’s a test to see how invested you are in the feeling — how willing are you to fight for it? The easy thing to do is throw your hands up and let the world win. It’s settling and I don’t believe in that…not anymore that is. Good things are worth the ugly, slightly torturous battles with your own ego. Focus on your ability.

Cheers to Sunday. Cheers to getting what you want.

Foster The People – Houdini (RAC Remix)