Bondax – Gold

There’s something inherently summer about this track. I love when I get to talk about tracks like these, where all you want to do after (or even while) listening is strip down to a bikini and lay in the imaginary sun. It feels like a California song to me, because it exists in a constant mode of summer. I’ve heard a little of Bondax’s work before but I’ve only recently started exploring more of the British duo’s musical ventures. They’ve proven themselves capable of some truly magnificent sounds, existing in a truly happy place in my head.

I think what makes this song truly summer is not only the subject matter, gold, but the beats that sound likes splashes. Interspersed with the xylophone-esque dotty sounds, we’ve got a really catchy song that can only induce a smile.

Stop the clocks can we just slow it down
He reads your thoughts they go to a higher ground.”

Allow the drip of this track to enter your ears. Do yourself the favor and check out Bondax’s soundcloud, too while you’re at it. It’s great fun and I know it won’t disappoint.

Bondax – Gold