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Little Daylight – Overdose (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Overdose (The Chainsmokers Remix)


I have definitely been getting an OVERDOSE thrown at me of irrational opinions and perspectives, but it’s definitely been giving me some good material to write about musically, so cheers to that, pour me a double while you’re at it!  Speaking of overdosing, guess who popped back into our lives rather quickly?  The Chainsmokers, those sneaky devils, and no I am not complaining at all, throwing my shirt in the air and thinking about running down the street topless is more like it, HA!  I was really excited to open up my personal inbox yesterday only to find yet another wonderful remix from my dudes!  We get so much love here at EMPT and that’s because we like to give it back like it ain’t no thang, you feel me?!!  I watched an interview recently with Chase Jarvis and Ryan Holiday, talking about Ryan’s new book coming out in July called “Trust Me I’m Lying, Confessions of a Media Manipulator”.  So long story short they were talking about his success at such a young age and among the many wise comments that were made throughout this interview (watch it!), here is the one that stuck with me; “You need to meet people where they are.” Wise, so wise, makes so much sense because that’s really what it’s all about in accomplishing anything, don’t expect anything from anyone, show people what you can give them.  I am getting too excited about too many things right now, so before I go off on a tangent, Alex and Drew, two guys that seem to know the meaning of “meeting people where they are”, have something special for you and some words of their own:

‘Overdose came about cause we heard Little Daylight’s song at a party & we looked them up and shot them an email & were thrilled when they were into the idea as they were looking for someone to do a more up-tempo remix. So we thought about it & wanted to make the song very warm and with uplifting chords and chop the vocal up a bit and we’ve been really into this indie progressive mesh of sound that drops but is more animated. Then we thought instead of the usual house structure we would do something a bit funkier and keep the song evolving as it unfolds, so it starts out a bit simple with the vocals bleeding in over some warm drums but then end in this entirely different place’

Little Backstory:

The Chainsmokers who are coming off their Official Two Door Cinema Club Remix – Sleep Alone which reached #2 on HypeM are releasing their 3rd remix this year for Little Daylight.  The duo are spinning at Electro Beach Festival this Saturday 3/16/13 in Puerto Vallarta AND They would also like to point out they have an unhealthy rivalry and are very competitive. For example, Drew tried to poison Alex once after losing a game of Call of Duty, no joke #TeamDrew.”

Once you press play don’t be afraid to let the excitement completely take over your body and let the little red devil on your shoulder tell you what to do!  Thanks again guys for another ballin’ remix…Enjoy!

Little Daylight – Overdose (The Chainsmokers Remix)