Enerate – Unstoppable

Australia’s brought us another lovely acoustic synth pop group that caters to the bounce and cheer that we all need. This song is their pre-release single and the colors of the above image match the way the tune plasters itself to the walls of your brain. It’s hard to not love.

With a futuristic sound and spacey vocals, one might feel as if human flight is in fact possible. Maybe it is, just for today. I’m drawn to the breakdown actually which happens around the two minute mark. The bass, the synths that climb up and down, the zoom to the finish line where the vocals re-enter the picture. It makes for such happy music.

I guess I talk about happy music a lot, and I can’t help it. I think we all turn to music for different reasons, mostly for comfort and knowledge that someone else is creating something that is potentially fueled by an emotion that you are currently experiencing. And that’s great, for them and for us, because we can take solace in knowing that we are not alone. Our emotions are valid and justified, especially if someone else created a song that really truly embodies that emotion for us. It’s like poetry in the most sonic sense, because even if a song is absent of lyrics, we still get a certain mood from it. And you can’t help but imagine that the creator had that in mind — channeling your mood, as if moods were types of audiences that could be accessed. Some are better accessed than others. For me, happy songs resonate quickly, but sometimes it’s the sad songs that resonate longer. Actually, all the time. I rarely write about sad songs though. They’re just harder to talk about, because they’re different from person to person and case to case.

Let’s all just take this one and be happy about it, yeah? Enjoy.

Enerate – Unstoppable