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Purity Ring — Grammy (Soulja Boy Cover)

We don’t follow your norms.  We could care less what the rest of the world is “on” to, or even doing for that matter.  We control our own world, and you, are, a part of it.

Purity Ring dropped this crazy Soulja Boy cover of Grammy during the actual Grammy Week 2013.  Yea we heard it, and yea we’ve had it in our stash, but like most of the music we write about, we had to sit back and meditate on it for a second, let the sheep run around and post frantically in thoughtless form, as usual, and then come in and clean up the way we normally do, as expected.  So here you have it, as mentioned before: a crazy cover of Soulja Boy’s Grammy song that just flat out ROCKS!

Covers are a dime a dozen these days and it’s so hard to get one noticed unless you’re a hot chick with a video of yourself, and a guitar, strumming it along sensually via our youtube feeds, but Purity Ring approached this one exactly the way we did: they watched, they assessed, and then they filled a void rather than appeasing the peasants, providing our exquisite sonic palates with delicious boom baps that will make your mind blow; if not from the non-traditional approach of which song to cover, then from an outstanding vocal performance that leaves us feeling a multitude of emotions, and finds us chanting right along with our fists high up in the air a la The Legend of Billie Jean (1985) style.

Party like a rockstar

Hit em with the hot bars

Fast like a nascar”

Purity Ring — Grammy (Soulja Boy Cover)