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Rhye – Open (WMNSTUDIES Bootleg)


This has been one of those weeks where you don’t quite feel yourself, but you know that if you just change one thing about your day you’d be right on track. Changing that one thing, however, is one of the hardest things to do. If anything, your inability to activate change and prove mind over matter is highlighted during a week like this — and that can be quite shocking/illuminating/depressing. You know you want to be better, you wake up each morning thinking, “Today I will be better. I will do this. I will do that. I won’t do this. I won’t do that.” Yet, like clockwork you fall into a pattern. It’s in that moment just before your well-wishes from the morning disappear that you know you can’t shake your habits off. So you sleep, promising to yourself you’d be better tomorrow and the cycle begins again.

Today I woke up after my alarms, missed the time to go the gym, and normally that would bring me down, but I woke up with a different goal. I woke up wondering what a day would be like if I didn’t beat myself up over things I didn’t get done or should have been doing, and instead put my full focus on what’s before me and working until I feel in my gut that I can confidently stop and move on. Instead of thinking, “I will be best,” I’m opting to repeat, “I will be.” It’s open-ended for sure, but it has a more hopeful sound to it (and an oddly more pronounced presence than the former).

Rhye has been on my music loop for the past couple of weeks (to be honest, it was after this post). Their whole aesthetic is everything I love; black and white art, clean sans-serif text, hyper-sexual-yet-tasteful photos, and music that’s poppy, has its roots in electronica, and slips perfectly between tracks from The Weeknd and Cyril Hahn on a bedroom playlist. “Open” is their confessional. Repeating “I’m a fool for…” over and over again can quickly become cliche and clingy, but they manage to do it right. They manage to convey the foolishness in a way that’s wholeheartedly relatable. It’s like their feelings are too much to bottle up and rather than explode, they open the cap slowly and let them seep out.

WMNSTUDIES comes in and spins the track over a neo-disco beat complete with strings. Synths bounce and a pan-flute of all things floats through the sonic waves. There’s a moment from 2:20 – 2:30 where the synths descend into the depths of the track and Mike Milosh’s vocals are chopped up for a brief moment before the track resumes. It’s really magical — it’s a moment that makes you want to close your eyes and do whatever dance comes to mind.

If anything, this remix is not so much about getting the audience to feel for Milosh as it is getting the audience to open up with themselves and their environment. The beat is infectious and dance-y but not in an intimidating way. It’s a groove that anyone can easily get down to if they allow themselves. It’s a track about simply being present in the moment, in the sound. It’s not about being the best, it’s about being.

And that’s enough motivation to make today different than the others.

Rhye – Open (WMNSTUDIES Bootleg)