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The Black Lips – Veni Vedi Vici (Diplo Remix)

Veni Vedi Vici is probably on my top ten list of songs, let alone, one of my favorite Black Lips songs. There’s an attitude in it that I love, something about it rings true to a certain New York City attitude. And the mere fact that the words are, I came, I saw, and I conquered, feel all too present in the everyday realities of living in this city.

While I have always appreciated Diplo’s work, I’ve noticed that he’s taken a liking more recently to the genre of rock. That makes me happy. This way, the work is mellow and refined, not too dramatic and just the right amount of rework.

The whole idea of arriving somewhere, seeing it, and conquering, is general to no avail. There’s a lot of ways to look at it, though I’ve chosen to think about it in terms of other people. There is something to be said about the people that inhabit your space and time, all the time and remain that way for an extended period of time. There’s also something to be said about the people who seem like they’re going to inhabit your space forever, but really just serve a transient role that is to be filled by someone else. Both are beautiful and incredibly important, it’s just that I’ve found it harder to accept as of late that people serve temporary roles. It’s hard to imagine someone that you really love or appreciate, care about, not existing in that way in your life in the future. But circumstances occur and situations present themselves, making it impossible to continue. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, a failed relationship, or a friendship gone sour, all of these things are sad in the moment and ultimately incredible life moves. Because they keep us in flux and remind us to stay on our feet, to not forget that we’re not in charge but that there are other forces in this universe (interpret that as you will, not saying in any one specific way), working with and against us. Keep that in mind, and every soul that crosses your path will offer themselves as a test to whether or not the two of you will come, see and conquer. And if the two of you get through all three together, perhaps it means that you will stay together in this lifetime as whatever it is you need to be for one another. And if not, what you had was beautiful.

I hope you enjoy this track, as much as I do. Go ahead and find the original and give it a listen to if you don’t already know it. It’s a good wake up call.

The Black Lips – Veni Vedi Vici (Diplo Remix)