Alex Metric – Scandalism


It’s all about elevation, you know? Isn’t that a big part of music’s appeal? It is for me. Fact of the matter is I don’t consider myself a spiritual person. A big aspect of this – a symptom, a catalyst, I’m not sure – is that it’s hard to give myself over to anything at all. Except for music, except for stuff like this.

Epiphanic. That’s all that needs to be said about this Alex Metric track.

But I go on. Scandalism sounds like it was transported from some parallel universe that’s a few years further in development than ours. One where raves and EDM shows hew even closer to events with spiritual significance than they do in the here and now. This is lazer light show gospel music. This is a hymn for the young, alive, and full of life. That organ-like synth peel at the beginning lends to this vibe. The cascading keyboard arpeggios and chime-like bell noises don’t hurt it, either. There’s plenty of 80s aping goodness in here too. So much of the production has this soft-focus glow to it. The white noise “wooshes” that billow through the background also lend the entire thing a breezy, airy feeling.

There’s also this sense of restraint, a couple marks of maturity here and there. The builds progress with purpose. As a result, the melodic crescendos are all well earned and more pleasurable as a result. But even in the midst of poise and consideration, there are moments of pure joy. I’m looking at you, synth lead that first comes in a little after the two-minute mark. Hot damn.

Scandalism shimmers, shines, and it’ll leave you aglow. Let this wash over you.

Alex Metric – Scandalism