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Breakbot — Peanuts

Staring down at the hustle-n-bustle of NYC traffic from these glass walls up above, Breakbot’s newest flashy cut-up disco style tune: “Peanuts” seems like the perfect soundtrack for the happenings that are taking place right now down there.  Spring colors magnified by the bright and beautiful skies, manicured toes peeking through lovely sandals, and an incredible energy that is normally only felt at this very point, when Mother Nature is in her greatest of moods and gives us that Spring/Summer preview we have all been so patiently waiting for.

Peanuts” is a much needed breath of fresh air, like these past few days, that makes us want to dance, makes us super happy, and whose sonic waves splash us so welcomingly with drops of feel goodness leaving us soaked in Space Funk that we simply love.

Chord progressions that make us move, disco bells that pull our heads up and ears back, percussions that make our feet stomp, delicious piano keys that smooth our shoulders out, and electro-magnificent sounds that makes it all fresh, fun, cool and young at the same time make for a 2013 season like no other!

Thank you Breakbot, and Mother Nature!

Enjoy the moment!

Breakbot — Peanuts

“I was in the studio making beats and chopping vocals and I suddenly felt hungry. It was way past dinnertime and the only thing edible in the studio was a piece of strawberry gum. So I tried to gather my thoughts and went straight to the convenience store,” Berland tells Rolling Stone. “They were out of pistachios, which was option number one. I was very disappointed and decided to leave as I saw this awesome assortment of chocolate bars next to the cashier. ‘A little sugar has never hurt anyone,’ I thought.”

 “So I bought a few and headed back to the studio. They were not as good as I expected, except for this one that starts with an S. This one just blew all my senses away,” continues Berland. “I asked myself, ‘What is so amazing about this chocolate bar? What does it have that others don’t?’ And then a miracle occurred. A very powerful light emerged from the ceiling and the Tooth Fairy, godmother of all chocolates, appeared. ‘What does it have?’ she said. ‘Why it’s very simple, my dear. It’s peanuts.’”