Music Remixes

Churchill – Change (Penguin Prison Remix)

It’s not summer yet, but thank goodness we have music that can take us to a summery place. I don’t know why this song does that for me, but I’ll try to explain. First, Penguin Prison has a way of channeling ocean vibes. Does that sound funny? It is kind of funny I guess, I think I mean that there’s a swiftness to what he does to music. EMPT loves Penguin Prison so it comes as no surprise to you guys that I take pleasure in praising the man behind the music, otherwise known as Chris Glover. There’s also a casual quality to this song that made it easy to overlook when I first downloaded it. Not because it was boring at all, but because it wasn’t invasive and demanding. It’s one of those songs that requires some time and an open ear. Plus, the female vocals are really something else that make me swoon.

The chorus has something that I really like. It’s a certain urgency to it, which can probably be attributed to the combination of notes that make it minor. I don’t know how to explain urgency without making a literary reference, or in my case, a writing reference. I’m in the middle of writing my thesis, so my mind is constantly asking, “What’s at stake? Where is the urgency?” so excuse me for a minute while I indulge in this geeky literary comparison. When a piece has something at stake, there’s an urgency to the subject matter, which makes the story that much more important. If a song has that same quality, it might sound something like this one. And the fact that the chorus repeats, “You want me to change, change, change, you want me to change,” only further adds to that notion.

It’s a stretch. I hope you guys followed that. Sorry for the nerd-talk. On a less complicated, more straightforward note, I love the subject matter of this song. It’s something that we all run away from — change. I mean, despite the fact that we’re constantly in a state of flux, our minds somehow like to convince us that our situation will always stay the same, and the second it is threatened or actually changed, we go into completely panic mode. I hate that so much. I wish it wasn’t the case. I especially hate it because I’m dealing with it so much not only day in and day out with my life, but with the people that I encounter every day who ask me what I’m going to do with my life after graduating from college. I keep telling them that I’m stoked and that I’ll probably become a citizen of the world, just to screw with their heads. It’s so weird because everyone who asks that question knows that they went through the same point in their life, the point where the room for change was in their hands and they had every right to choose whatever direction they wanted to go in.

I could go on and on about this, but I will refrain. Change is beautiful and crucial all at once. Welcome it as you may welcome this song.

Churchill – Change (Penguin Prison Remix)