Major Lazer – You’re No Good feat. Santigold, Vybz Kartel, Danielle Haim & Yasmin

On a very basic level, let me just say that this song speaks to me. On a musical and dancing level, it’s perfect and happy. But I’m saying, this was the first song I listened to on my run yesterday. For anyone that is in New York, you’ll understand why this was such a big deal. The sun was out and the sky was perfectly blue all day long. The evening was just as beautiful, as you look up to find a rare amount of stars in the sky. One of those days. So maybe you can understand why I’m so stoked that this was the first song I decided to listen to as I got myself geared up for a good run. As I was about to indulge in an exercise that makes me really happy already, this song was a huge A-HA! moment for me.

There’s something really appealing about a song that talks about any sort of act that we shouldn’t do. Something that we know is bad for us, but we indulge anyway. I guess I’m talking about indulgences in general. You’re no good for me, speaks to my life on so many levels right now. And for some reason, hearing that and feeling like I’m at a dance show on a Saturday night with a dude that I know is just bad but in the best way possible, feels…kinda sexy. Like you know you shouldn’t but you’re totally going to dance all up in it tonight, and no one is going to stop you. There’s also the classic part of the chorus that incorporates the ah’s, ooh’s and uh’s, which never fail to please an audience. I mean, they’re overused a lot in a music these days, but not in this song at least.

Damnit, this song is really one of those that you dance to alone and suddenly realize that you’re a fricken incredible dancer. Or at least I did. And then I got really frustrated because I couldn’t understand where these moves go when I’m trying to dance with other people. Not that I’m not a good dancer in public, I think I am. Major Lazer has always had a way of tapping into my instinctual dance. And instincts bring out the sexy, so your hips are doing things you don’t really understand but feel pretty cool about.

I’m going to stop talking about dancing because I can go on forever. I’m just going to let you guys love this like I do, and guess what? It’s Thursday and this just happens to be my week’s jam, so all is good in the world.

Have fun!

Major Lazer – You’re No Good feat. Santigold, Vybz Kartel, Danielle Haim & Yasmin