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Michael Jackson – Speed Demon (Nero Remix)


Well, this remix is definitely a surprise. Michael Jackson vibes with Nero’s dubstep almost seamlessly. I love it when I come across a remix that’s completely out of the realm of the original track’s genre. Like Florence + The Machine, her sound is so distinctively her, but the Calvin Harris remixes of “Spectrum” or The Weeknd’s edit of “Shake It Out” are flawless. Her voice gels with the heavy bass and pounding synths. Jackson’s high pitched “ooh’s” and all around brilliance keeps up with the driving electronic production speeding beneath him. Nero has turned the tune into an electro-goth-opus, the organ and engine revving lend to the track’s badass factor. It’s 80’s, it’s 90’s, it’s the 00’s, it’s the future all wrapped up in one four minute track.

I was beginning the PM slump before this track came on, but after listening to this a couple of times, I’m going to ditch the coffee break and let the energy of Nero’s track revive me. I could go without the caffeine headache, anyway.

Michael Jackson – Speed Demon (Nero Remix)

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