Florrie – Live A Little



What is it about time and the days that makes Friday come at a snails pace, then suddenly it’s Sunday and we’re mere hours away from another Monday morning? There are many people in my life who say the weekend isn’t long enough, but I like to beg differently. This will sound so liberal arts, anti-disestablishmentarian of me (hey there, SAT vocab) of me, but the weekend is a man made idea. Before the “work” week, there were just days. There would be no weekend if the  business week didn’t exist. Personally — and this is a very recent epiphany of mine — the weekend is a mindset. My Sunday kind of chill doesn’t have to be reserved for Sunday. Why should it? If I feel confident in my ideas and accomplish what I want slash need to accomplish on a Sunday, I should be able to carry that motivation and frame of mind with me throughout the week.

Enter model cum singer-songwriter-drummer Florrie. I first came across this English darling back in 2010 when the internet told me to listen to “Summer Nights.” I was intrigued and ultimately hooked on this girl’s sound. Her electro-pop meets the Beatles groove with hints of Goldfrapp’s sexiness was unlike what I was hearing at the time. Her sound hasn’t changed much since then, it’s matured, definitely, but she hasn’t sold her soul. “Live A Little” showcases Florrie’s drumming skills. Not since Meg White has a girl looked this good behind a drumset and have a killer voice to accompany it.

We gotta live a little, be naughty but nice 
Just to give a little 
A freak show let’s live a little 
I’m gonna get what I want, so give a little.”

There’s something about the vibes of this track that just make me feel good. It’s upbeat, but not careless. You can’t listen to this without bopping your head, tapping your foot, or (if you’re feeling a little spontaneous) strut through the streets. It’s perfect for a Sunday, but also the morning. I’ve found that whatever I listen to while getting ready in the morning effects my mood as the hours pass. Florrie’s not telling us to “live while we’re young,” she’s simply reminding us that we have to loosen up the reigns on our plans and let things happen sometimes. Plan ahead, but also allow room for life to have its say, too. The message is simple, but packaging it in a hard-edged bubbly electro-pop tune intensifies its impact.

Here’s to giving ourselves room to live a little.  Here’s to making everyday a Sunday.

Florrie – Live A Little