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Frankie Rose — The Fall


And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. Genesis 2:2

What if the churches and houses of worship that religions describe and speak of were meant as a metaphor for your mind?  I mean, where else could you hide anything from the world that you want NO one but you and God to know?  How else could anything ever truly be kept a secret?

Joey Ice Cream: But it’s like the old saying goes: “The only way two people can keep a secret is if both of them are dead”.
Lawyer: You mean if one of them is dead. That’s the saying.
Joey Ice Cream: Obviously we come from different neighborhoods.— The Black Donnellys

There is no other space in the universe more secluded than your mind, yet, it is our gift and our curse.  Our minds have the power to be the most privately secure vaults in existence.  We are responsible for every single thought in to them, and, every single thought out.  If you don’t like a thought, simply remember that you can change the channel like a TV and focus on an entirely different one.

More and more, the rebels are finding the need for a lot more privacy and a lot more security.  As our world leaders figure out ways to “legally” invade our spaces, we are left with very little that we can type on these devices, and even less than we can actually send.  This is why the mind will be the most powerful tool in any revolution to come, and this is why we must constantly train them.

The Fall is a beautifully played out dreamscape for the mind.  It’s softness, tenderness, and airiness allow for the quick, daily escapes that we should be taking.  These escapes are where we should hide our rebellious natures and desires as we walk alongside the rest of the rush hour traffic of people all around us—quietly..

Frankie Rose — The Fall