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Ellie Goulding – Without Your Love (Amtrac Remix)

There’s a shift happening in my life and for once I’m completely cognizant of it all. I can feel the change in my gut, sense it in how I’m forming my thoughts, and my mornings are becoming easier, lighter even. It’s not love, but it’s something close to it I think. It’s a sense of purpose — a drive to actually go out and be the person I know I’m meant to grow into. Like Ellie says in this song, “I’m getting somewhere.” Yeah, this track is about how free she is without her love weighing her down, but I’m latching on to the liberation theme.

I hesitate to peg an artist as a favorite, but I can confidently say that Ellie Goulding is one of my top three favorite music artists. Aside from being one of my biggest style inspirations, her sounds are infectious. I listen to Halcyon maybe three times a week in full. I get lost in her music. I think it’s her balance of atmospheric soundscapes with hard pop beats — not to mention, her lyrical abilities are incredible that keep me coming back. Her music is joy; it’s youth; it’s glitter (three things I’ve kept written on a chalkboard in my room to keep me grounded). She knows her voice is an instrument and exploits that. I don’t know her personally, but there’s this sense that she just gets it. I want to pick her brain, be her best friend, and have her write songs about our life together. But before I digress into some wayward afternoon daydream, let me talk about this track.

“Without Your Love” is a bonus track from her UK release. Last week, she released a 40 minute Halcyon remix for her partnership with Nike and this track is featured. For being such a fangirl, I was a little disappointed in myself for not knowing this track. I loved it nonetheless. Hearing the full song is a trip. Amtrac picked up on the original’s tribal influence and spun it into a driving dance beat that’s perfect for running or giving you that extra boost of energy your afternoon coffee won’t to pound through the 9-5.

This song is a chant. She repeats “without your love I’m getting somewhere” in vain. She’s shaking off whatever’s holding her down and living the way she wants to. This song will get deep beneath your skin and get you moving.

Turn this one up and go.

Ellie Goulding – Without Your Love (Amtrac Remix)